How to make an order.

  1. You point out the product that you like and you want to purchase.
  2. First you choose the color and afterwards the available sizes appear.
  3. You choose the size you wish.
  4. If you press the button "Add to cart" the product you have chosen is now in your cart.
  5. Afterwards you choose if you want to complete your order or if you want to continue shopping so you can add more articles in you shopping cart. If you choose "Proceed to checkout" you are about to complete your existing order. If you choose "Continue shopping" the system place your chosen article in the memory of your shopping cart and it allows you to search and add more products in it.
  6. As soon as you wish to complete your order and you choose the option "Proceed to checkout" the system gives you an analysis of your desired article/s that you have previously placed in your shopping cart (quantities, prices etc) and you can complete your order as a registered member or as a guest. You define the shipping address, you can see the shipping costs (if applicable), the "gift" option and the field in which you can write any comments you want us to know concerning your order in process.
  7. If you are not a registered member and you are trying to make an order as a guest, you should click the button "Save", in the end of section 1, so the system will keep temporarily your data and go to the section 2 where you will decide the paying method you wish to follow to complete your order. 
  8. Be careful to check the field "
  9. Straight ahead you choose the way that you wish your order's payment to be done.

Your order to has been completed!

You will be informed via e-mail for the development of your order and if you are a registered member of you can connect to your account in order to see your orders details.